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TruePay x TouchNGo Lucky Draw


Dear MYGAME members,

Use TruePay Touch 'N GO service to top up and have a chance to participate in the 4D lucky draw. The total bonus for the event is up to RM 64,800! ! !

- All MYGAME members - Regarding this event page, when recharging, click the event banner below the QR code to enter this page for inquiry.-This activity summarizes the calculation method of gold 64800.


2ND PRIZE: 500

3RD PRIZE: 300





*Three sides 4D total bonus (MAGNUM, TOTO, DAMACAI) 1ROUNDHow the prizes will be distributed: - Qualified lucky draw tickets will be given in accordance with the transaction ratio as follows:

lucky draw

- Every successful, every lucky draw lottery ticket system will automatically generate a 4-digit unique number. This unique four-digit number will be used in the lucky draw First draw time 10/04/2022 (19:01) 10/04/2022 (19:00) Second draw time 17/04/2022 (19:01) 17/04/2022 (19:00) - The raffle for the event will end every Sunday - After verification, it will take two working days to complete the processing - On the third day, the system will provide a list of MYGAME lucky winners and add the bonus to the merchant's balance, and go directly to points Issued to winners -

Rules and Regulations:

- Valid from April 04, 2022, 00:00 to April 24, 2022, 19:00 (Malaysia time).

- This promotion is open to all members using TruePay TNG channel. The information registered by the member needs to be the same as that in MYGAME The registered information is the same. (Deposit and Withdrawal) *The TNG transfer account used by the member needs to be the same as the registered name. (name registered when using TNG for the first time)

-Members must deposit according to the correct deposit method, otherwise lucky draw tickets will not be counted and cancelled.

*Customers need to submit a transaction of RM100, the amount displayed by the system is RM99.97, and customers need to use the latest QR code to transfer Account and enter RM99.97 to get lucky draw tickets.

-Each QR code can only be used once. If the customer used the QR code of the previous transaction to transfer money, the transaction's Lucky draw tickets will be void

- During the event, if the customer's account is terminated or deactivated by the merchant, the customer's qualification will be cancelled and cannot be exchanged take bonus

- The result displayed on the RESULT Page will be the final winner of this event - If the winner is not contacted for the bonus within 5 days, the winner will be deemed to voluntarily give up the bonus

- When the verification step is completed, the member will issue the bonus to the winner's TNG e-wallet within one day.

-All promotions of MY GAME are specially designed for players. If any group or individual is found to cheat bonuses or any threat in a dishonest way, abuse company promotions, etc., the company reserves the right to freeze, cancel the group or individual account and The right to the account balance.

-MY GAME has the right of independent adjudication and final interpretation of this promotion, as well as the right to modify and terminate the promotion without notice, which is applicable to all promotions. - General terms and conditions apply here. 



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