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MyGame Friends Recommendation Endless Income

Introduce your friend on MYGAME to have more rebates!

Events Details:

1. Click on your mygame QR code below the homepage to enter [Personal Center] to get or directly share your recommendation link or recommendation code.

2. Mygame users able to view their commission information daily from [Personal Center].

3. Mygame users must collect theirs commission daily after 3:00PM by apply the commission amount from [Withdraw Commission], the commission amount will be automatically approved after application.

4. All related information can be obtained in mygame users [Personal Center]-[Referral Information]

Below is some MyGame term and conditions.

1. This cash rebates is valid for all MYGAME players.

2. MyGame rebates have no minimum and maximum pay-out. The bonus can be withdrawal without turnover needed.

3. MyGame promotion can be used conjunction with other promotions.

4. MyGame rebates will be credited to your account wallet daily by 3:30PM.

5. If any MyGame member is found to bet on low-risk bets, no-risk bets, gambling behaviors or other violations, MyGame has the rights to terminate the account, winnings & bonuses.

6. MyGame reserves the right to freeze the account balance and disqualify players if any group, collusion or any foul play takes place in the promotion.

7. MyGame reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend or terminate the promotion and/or change the terms of the said promotion at any time without prior notice.

8. General MyGame Terms & Conditions apply.


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